Personalized and Versatile

This 1-on-1 service allows for a completely

customized plan to reach any individual

student's goals in all subjects where support

is needed, all on a flexible schedule.

Experienced and Exceptional

Each student is guided by one of our expert

academic tutors, who has over 1,000+ hours

of online teaching experience and top

ratings from students & parents.

Knowledgeable and Adaptable 

Our academic experts are more than just

smart - Trio Prep tutors are skilled at

connecting with students, earning trust, and

adapting to whatever learning style works best.

Organized and Focused

Parents and students will receive an email after

each session detailing progress and upcoming

goals, as well as optional reminders to keep

students on track to complete assignments.



per hour

Trio Prep PIus  |  1-on-1 Expert Academic Support

Questions? Talk to an expert:

Questions? Talk to an expert:

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