Why choose Trio Prep?

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  • Every instructor at Trio Prep is a true expert who has spent over 1,000+ hours mastering the art of effective and engaging online tutoring.

  • Our expert instructors are more than just knowledgeable — they earn trust and build relationships that help students tap into their full potential.

  • Trio Prep experts go beyond the curriculum, providing techniques for stress reduction, time management, organization, and motivation.


  • Trio Prep’s methods are informed by the latest research in collaborative learning, adaptive teaching, and    online educational excellence.

  • Our process ensures that students experiences greater academic     growth than group class lectures or self-guided videos can provide.

  • This approach strengthens skills such as knowledge retention and critical thinking that will benefit students in college and beyond.


  • Trio Prep provides an inclusive safe space that respects all students and encourages them to feel comfortable, confident and empowered.

  • We believe in fostering growth mindset and future-oriented thinking to broaden students' perspectives about their own potential.

  • We value our students as individuals deserving of support as they face  their own unique challenges and pursue their educational aspirations.


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