Trio Prep 1-on-1 Targeted Tutoring | SAT+ACT Expert Online Instruction

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6 or 10 Sessions of Expert 1-on-1 Online Tutoring

+ Perfect for Targeting 1-2 Areas of the Exam

+ 5 Practice Tests with Pinpoint Analysis

+ Flexible Scheduling for Busy Students

  • This 1-on-1 service allows for a completely customized plan from start to finish, guided by one of our top 1% Test Prep Experts with 5000+ hours of SAT + ACT teaching experience.
  • Working on a flexible schedule, students will progress through adaptive strategies, concentrating on the areas where they have the most room for improvement to optimize score increase.
  • All 90-minute sessions are customized to target challenge areas highlighted on practice exams, so students will have everything they need to reach their maximum potential on test day.
  • The program comes with 5 full-length official SAT or ACT practice exams, including detailed Pinpoint Analysis Reports to create strategy plans that adapt with student improvement.

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