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up to $300 off for new students 

  • 10-30 hour programs customized to fit each student's personal goals

  • Score increase guarantee: 200+ points on the SAT or 4+ points on the ACT*

  • 5 complete official SAT or ACT practice exams

  • Detailed score report analysis to target individual challenge areas

  • Work 1-on-1 with a test prep expert who has scored in the 99th percentile

SAT & ACT 1-on-1 Private tutoring for 2017

* Trio Prep guarantees a 200 point SAT increase or 4 point ACT increase for all 30 hour, 1-on-1 private tutoring programs, or we will provide unlimited additional instruction at no charge. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.





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for new students:

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