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2 for 1 Scholarship Offers

  • 20 hour full-length course covering every topic on the test

  • 3 complete official SAT or ACT practice exams

  • Detailed score reports to target individual challenge areas

  • Classes customized online to fit every student’s busy schedule

  • Taught live by a test prep expert with SAT/ACT scores in the 99th percentile

SAT & ACT Programs for 2017

For counselors: Every student at your school who signs up for any full price Trio Prep plan earns 2 free scholarship credits for your school. These scholarships allow any of your students to enroll in a full 20-hour SAT or ACT Trio Prep Pro plan completely free of charge.  As the counselor, the scholarships would be yours to distribute to students as you see fit. Offer valid for any SAT or ACT test dates prior to July 1, 2017.

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