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Trio Prep Core Concepts | Expert SAT/ACT Support

Organized and Thorough

Core Concepts Courses cover every topic on

the SAT or ACT, including detailed explanations

of all knowledge areas tested, and foundational strategies to immediately maximize score boost. 


Individualized and Focused

Every student will receive an official SAT or ACT

practice exam along with a pinpoint analysis

report of their results to identify the specific 

areas that offer the greatest score improvement.

Experienced and Exceptional

Each course is guided by one of our expert
SAT/ACT tutors, who has over 5,000+ hours
of online teaching experience and top
ratings from students & parents.

Knowledgeable and Adaptable 

Our academic experts are more than just

smart — Trio Prep tutors are skilled at

connecting with students, earning trust, and

adapting to the learning styles that work best.

Engaging and Goal-Oriented

Trio Prep programs build on life skills that 
emphasize success beyond academics, such
as self-confidence, personal responsibility,  
organization, and time management.


  Trio Prep SAT/ACT Core Concepts Course

   + 2 x 60-Minute Classes Covering All Topics

   + 1 Official Practice Exam w/ Pinpoint Report

   + 10% Discount on all Expert 1-on-1 Tutoring



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